Distance learning

What is Online distance learning?

Primarily delivered through online learning, distance education allows you to study in your own time and space so that you can combine achieving a qualification with work or family commitments. Studying by distance learning has the benefit of allowing you to develop your career without having to leave employment. It also means you can apply new knowledge and insights into your working life whilst you are still studying. Teaching for distance learning courses is facilitated through virtual learning environment, which can be accessed online from anywhere in the world.


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The obvious first point when it comes to distance learning is that the courses tend to be incredibly flexible. Unlike an undergraduate degree where you may have more options to spend a lengthy period in one place, postgraduate study may need to coincide with earning money and being involved in your chosen career. Distance learning allows you to gain a valuable qualification that will be helpful with your career but doesn’t tie you down to a particular area or time frame.


If you are based in a particular city or town and your local education services don’t offer the specific degree course that you’re looking for, you can feel quite trapped. With distance learning you are able to find an institution that specialises in exactly what you want to study. You may have completed your business degree and are looking for a MBA that gives you a leg up in a certain are of the law. Alternatively you may be deep into a career in another sector and looking to demonstrate your specialist knowledge of the business. Whatever situation you are in, by using distance learning you can find the perfect course for you.


Perhaps you are in a country that doesn’t offer high quality English language Undergraduate or Postgraduate qualifications. Perhaps you achieved a degree and then moved away to work in another country but still want a degree that works for you. Either way, distance learning opens up the opportunity for obtaining specialist qualifications from your chosen institution regardless of your location in the world. Almost all distance learning establishments tailor their courses so they can be completed by students internationally.


Further to the point above, any Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree programme is internationally recognised. It doesn’t matter whether you studied for it in your hometown or used distance learning from half a world away; the qualification that you leave with will be recognised and accepted around the world. Distance learning doesn’t take anything away from the education that you receive but it does open you up to a whole world of benefits.


All things considered, once you’ve looked at all the points above, you can see that distance learning is an accessible and achievable means of gaining a degree. It doesn’t matter what life stage you are at, where you are living or how much free time you have, you can start studying for a qualification that will give you real world benefits now.


When choosing your distance learning programme, you want to get a good value for money. Distance learning programmes are usually more affordable in terms of tuition fees than traditional study programmes. In addition, to this you save living expenses as student life can be expensive for many professionals. Studying during professional working life, you turn your cost into earning and investment


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