Services for Partners

Education Expos and International Educations fairs

Studynet runs worldwide education expos every year. Educational institutions can promote and present their programs on our expos.

Tailor-made Recruitment and Marketing Services

We provide education institutions with recruitment and marketing services based on particular demands of them. Video Conferencing Facilities help those services reach to every of our agents, representative in the world.

Marketing Opportunities on the Studynet website, brochures, leaflets, mass media and through our worldwide agents

There are many independent IP addresses visit Studynet’s website ( ). It can present educational institutions to thousands of students every day. Studynet’s brochures are popular by students and bring educational institutions into students’ selections.

Network of agents & professional counsellors

Studynet’s network of agents and professional counsellors make efforts to recruit qualified students for cooperated educational institutes.

Opportunities for displaying on a daily base

It includes DVD displaying in reception area, brochures displaying in consultation room, and posters in our and representative agents offices in the world.

Programs inner-training on a regular base and tailor-made programs training of educational institutions for Studynet counsellors

Studynet’s support centre organizes training and information sharing of cooperated educational institutions programs regularly throughout agents with help of video conference Facilities. Studynet can also organize a tailor-made program of a particular educational institution.

Opportunities for articulation programs, sister schools, local school visiting and contacting

Studynet has strong relationships with local schools in the countries where it is operating. We can bridge educational institutions and local schools for articulation programs,sister schools, school visiting. We also can help contact particular schools for special needs of cooperated educational institutes.

Joint participation in and assistant to promotion events or road show of educational institutions

Studynet is willing to be a partner participating in promotion events or road show events of educational institutions with the help of strong relationship with local Medias through our agents, high reputation of the brand “Studynet”.