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Study-Net Group is a premier Education Preparation & Consulting company that was established in 2009 and still operating with improved educational efficiency and international networking. Study-Net Group has placed over 7000 students into some of the most prestigious universities, colleges and schools out there. Our mission has always been to improve the future of the generation by providing it with strong foundational education in a variety of academic fields, and we’ve been successful ever since we’ve opened for business. Over the course of our operations and since day one, we have been constantly working on the improvement of the student’s experience in our organization by recording feedback, consulting with parents, recruiting foreign education experts and developing our programs technologically. By showing our clients the extent to which we are concerned about the quality of their university experience and future higher education, we hope to show them the value of education itself and thus help them move on with the intellectual maturity of an experienced academic.


Study-Net Group’s services ensure that its students are always ready to go and have no technical problems relating to admission and orientation into the chosen university. From starting the student’s application process to inducting the student into our International Foundation Program to finally preparing the student to take his/her first steps into the university campus, we are confident in our educational processes that transform beginners to advanced learners. Quality foundational education from foreign tutors and educational experts, processing of application, processing of official documentation, consultation about choice of major and university are all our priorities and have been ever since we’ve started developing our organization. We make sure that we offer enough help for students to choose their right career and education paths by analyzing their academic and career interests and providing them with the critical thinking and technical skills they need to pursue those interests. We brighten the future of our students by showing them that they are able to succeed. They just have to commit to taking the first basic steps and initiate the building of their career and education paths.

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