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Long Island University (LIU) is a renowned higher education institution founded in Brooklyn in 1926. LIU offers over 500 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs and certificates. Every year, more than 20,000 students are enrolled in many campuses of the university. The University continuously develops and extends its academic, professional, artistic, and collaborative education capabilities. The University offers more than 500 academic programs in two main
campuses, LIU Post and LIU Brooklyn, as well as LIU Brentwood, LIU Riverhead and LOU Hudson in Rockland and Westchester. LIU Post offers over 200 bachelors, masters, doctoral and certification programs. LIU Post is part of the Long Island University system and is only 32 km from Manhattan, New York. Students who graduated from LUU regularly practice internships in the world's best companies in New York City. After graduation, 82% of LUU graduates find a job during six months after graduation.

Academic programs (bachelor, master and doctorate)

  • Computer Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Political science
  • Technology Management
  • Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Acting for Theater, Film and Television

Long Island University

The university is located in the same city that hosts the Brooklyn Film Festival, where thousands of tourists and students attend each year.
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