Marist College, New York


Marist College, New York


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Marist College is a private college created in 1929 in Hudson, New York. This college was founded by the Marist brothers. The campus covers 60 hectare areas. Today, the college offers undergraduate and graduate students 56 levels and 21 different courses in different certification program. International students take part in lessons with American students, and the school has creates conditions for their adaptation to the new environment as quickly as possible. U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review continuously record the Marist College as one an America Best Colleges, which means its one of America's best colleges. The College has a campus in New York, in central Europe and in Florence, Italy. Each university campus has a library, fully equipped
fitness center, a health center and a dormitory.

Educational programs (bachelor, master and doctorate)

  • Art
  • Communication
  • Media
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Management
  • Natural sciences
  • Psychology
  • English language

Required Documents :
Passport, diploma or attestation letter, personal statement and reference letters, English language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL)

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Marist College, New York

Established in the Hudson Valley of New York, Marist College has campuses in New York, and in the center of Europe and in Florence, Italy.
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