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Oregon State University is a state research university located in the north-west region of
the United States. OSU, which began its activities in 1856 under the name of Corvallis Academy, was renamed the Oregon State university in 1868. OSU is considered one of the oldest state universities in Oregon. 83% of general university students are enrolled in bachelor, 15% master, and 2% specialization programs. Approximately 60% of the students are local students in Oregon. The University has 12 colleges, 15 rural agricultural experiment centers and a maritime science center. The campus offers nearly 30 online distance learning programs, besides bachelors, masters and doctoral programs. At present, 24,280 students study at the university, 13% of them are international students. According to Times Higher Education, Oregon
State University has been ranked 276 th among US universities and 301-350 in world ranking. With the latest renovation of its sports complex on the campus, a new synthetic football field, outdoor basketball courts and tennis courts. An Olympic pool and several volleyball courts have been created. Among OSU alumni are several astronauts, Pulitzer Prize laureate, Nobel
Prize laureate, and computer mouse inventor.

Educational programs (bachelor, master and doctorate)

  • Business
  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Sports
  • Psychology
  • Chemical engineering
  • MBA
  • Journalism
  • Natural sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Civil Engineering
  • English Preparation

Required documents :
Passport, diploma or attestation, CV, personal statement and reference letters, English language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL)

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Oregon State University

Oregon State University, one of the state research universities in the United States, offers online distance learning programs besides bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.
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