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University of Central Florida is one of the oldest state universities in Florida.Founded in 1968, University of Central Florida originally operated under the name of Florida Technology University. University of Central Florida, one of America's leading universities, has a fairly high ratings and budget.
It was ranked 82nd among the best universities in engineering programs by US News & World Report 2018.According to the CEO magazine, UCF is ranked 2nd among the world's best universities for hosting and hotel management. The academic staff of the University consists of more than 10,000 professors and qualified teachers. At the university where 67,500 students are enrolled, international students account for 3.2% of the total number of students. UCF high
standards campuses are available not only in Orlando, but also in other Florida regions;
Cocoa, Clermont, Daytona Beach, Kissimmee, Leesburg, Ocala, Palm Bay, and Sanford. The campus has a modern and safe environment. The University Career Service supports student participation in state organizations or private companies in a internship program, in accordance with their qualifications. University of Central Florida has a very extensive network of graduates. Among university graduates are names of famous statesmen and artists.

Educational programs (bachelor, master and doctorate)

  • International Relations
  • Business, Finance and Economics
  • Educational Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Tourism
  • Law
  • Architecture, Art and Design
  • Music
  • Medical sciences
  • Sociology

Required documents :
Passport, diploma or attestation, CV, personal statement and reference letters, English language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL)

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University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida, a state university in Florida is a modern and secure environment established in 1968.
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