Fourth Conference on Law and and Macroeconomics 2021


Fourth Conference on Law and and Macroeconomics 2021


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The role of law as an instrument of macroeconomic policy through the Covid-19 pandemic.


Queen Mary University London co-hosts the Fourth Conference on Law and Macroeconomics 2021 on 27th of October.

Founded in 1887 the university became a part of the University of London in 1915. According to information in The Sunday Times, Queen Mary University graduates are in the top 10 rankings for the highest paid jobs. The School of Medicine and Dentistry is considered one of the best in London. The University was ranked 11th out of 132 universities according to the latest Official Research Assessment Table.

Main subjects that will be discussed at the conference:

  • The primary role of law in creating a macroeconomic fit for a post-pandemic world.
  • The role of the law as a macroeconomic policy tool during the Covid-19 pandemic, including as a social safety net, has opened up exciting new research opportunities.

Applicants wishing to take their place at the conference and make presentations must comply with the following requirements.

Papers may be addressed the role of law, regulation, and institutions in:

  • Monetary policy, both conventional and unconventional, including how it is impacted by payments systems;
  • Financial regulatory policy, both domestic and international, including its effect on the economy;
  • Fiscal policy, especially its role in mitigating the effects and frequency of economic downturns, including the respective roles of federal, state, and local governments;
  • Law and data;
  • Legal strategies for reducing inequality.

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