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QMUL supports you with your journey to higher education


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Queen Mary University of London continues a series of online webinars in April that will play a role in navigating your choice of Higher Education.

The main purpose of interesting and information-rich webinars is to support students preparing to study abroad at different stages of the application process. As current students from Queen Mary University are the main driving force in the upcoming webinars, you can benefit from their advice and experience by participating here. As you know, before you decide to study abroad, you need to make sure that you feel psychologically prepared for this. If you want your educational life to be successful, your ability to adapt to the new environment and where to communicate with new people have a great role in this.

Considering this, we bring to your attention the online webinar - “How I made friends at university”, which will be held by Queen Mary University on April 20.

In this online webinar, you can join the conversation about how to make new acquaintances and friendships in the university environment, and where and how to find people with similar interests and worldviews. You will be able to address your questions to young people who have passed this stage of university life before you and have an idea based on their answers.

You can use the link below to register.

If you have any questions about the programs offered by QMUL, requirements, application process and more, you can easily find answers by contacting our professional consultants. StudyNet Group is the official partner of Queen Mary University of London in Azerbaijan. Join us at StudyNet Group to enjoy a plentitude of benefits aside from several services.

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