You are invited to a virtual “Open Day” in the UK!


You are invited to a virtual “Open Day” in the UK!


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Regent's University London provides you with a great opportunity...


Regent's University London, one of the prestigious universities in the UK, organizes a virtual “Open Day” for students who want to study in London.

Regent's University London provides you with a great opportunity to make the right choice of your major at the next stage of your study life. Thus, you will get an opportunity to meet with the professors of the University online by participating in the virtual “Open Day” and you will be able to communicate with international students currently studying at that university. In addition, meeting with successful graduates of Regent's University London who have successful jobs and careers can be a complete source of motivation for you.

In the Virtual "Open Day" you can address your questions about the major you are interested in and you can get detailed information about it from education experts of the university. By doing so, you can find out what advantages studying at Regent's University London has, compared to other universities.

If you are not able to participate in sessions that take place at the same time, it is not worth worrying about it. Because the sessions that you cannot join will be recorded on video and you will have the opportunity to watch them later.

Virtual "Open Day" will take place on April 23, at 12 PM (GMT). You can register by this link, as well as get acquainted with the list of Master's degree specialties.

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