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Your 30+ schools from Kaplan IL


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Find answers to why you should choose a 30+ school.


Kaplan International Languages organizes the "Your 30+ schools" event on April 21 to introduce prospective students to the study options worldwide.

Study 30+ schools offer students a targeted learning experience with like-minded classmates aged 30 and over. You’ll have access to exclusive classes, activities, and clubs in addition to a bespoke curriculum designed for career-driven learners.

If you ask why you should choose a 30+ school, so we have several answers.:

  1. Private Facilities - Exclusive 30+ spaces that allow students to relax and use school facilities while other students are in class.
  2. Social Program - Students enjoy stimulating activities such as networking events, cocktail nights, and gallery visits.
  3. Academic Extras - Specific Skills sessions allow students to advance with thought-provoking lectures, pronunciation clinics, etc.

StudyNet Group will help you easily study English in New York with Adults your age. A leading world center for finance, media, fashion, entertainment, technology, and more, New York City is often considered to be the capital of the world. You will enjoy the urban adventure of this iconic city from the famous Central Park, and you will receive everything you need for an unforgettable English language learning experience.

If you want to improve your English in the heart of the UK, we have a few options for you. London is a place where opportunity and entertainment are never far away. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich culture and history: seek out unique and captivating art exhibitions, and explore the bustling Covent Garden Market.

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During its existence, StudyNet Group has been able to establish and successfully maintain close partnerships with high-profile institutions. Through professionalism, we have placed more than 7,000 students at world universities. Now it's your time to start your educational adventure.

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