BSBI Launches New Programs, Ready to Expand Portfolio?

12 September 2022


BSBI Launches New Programs, Ready to Expand Portfolio?


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Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) with its commitment to diversifying its course portfolio for students has launched five new programmes in association with its academic partner UNINETTUNO.

We can’t wait to enrol our prospective students for the upcoming 2023 intake.

Start applying right away to secure a spot for your interest in new cutting-edge programmes.

Programme Overview:
MA in Logistics

  • On this programme, you will learn how to model, design and analyse deliveries to the correct internal or external customers and discover how various manufacturing resources are handled and moved along the supply chains.

MA in Energy Management

  • The purpose of course is to provide a highly specialised course aimed at teaching rational use of energy based on energy conservation and efficiency. This course addresses the issues of energy efficiency, energy certification and building energy efficiency in the private and industrial sectors.

MSc in Engineering Management

  • The emphasis is on engineering management in an international and local setting and the programme draws on an emerging body of knowledge and evidence to allow comparisons across different countries. During the course, students can choose to specialise in one of the three specialisations on offer.

BSc in Psychology - Psychosocial Disciplines

  • The programme focuses on the acquisition of professional-technical tools that are essential to enter the labour market. Therefore, this course favours the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and the development of professional skills that can be used in many operational settings.

MSc in Psychology - Cognitive Processes and Technologies

  • The adopted perspective is based on an interdisciplinary approach, integrating technological and cognitive approaches. This allows students to gain a deeper insight into human action.

Located in the heart of Berlin, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation mainly focuses on helping graduates to become exceptional leaders in their chosen fields.

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