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16 May 2020


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Cardiff University welcomes prospective students with an open heart and an opportunity for real growth. Here are the reasons why you would want to study at Cardiff University and become the leader of your own world:

1) After you graduate from Cardiff University, you will be amongst the most attractive graduates in the eyes of employers. 95.7% of our graduates find work or further study within 6 months of their graduation. We are ahead of leading UK universities in this regard such as Oxford (93.4%) and Cambridge (93.1%)
2) Cardiff University ranks 7th in the UK for employability. Our career services are highly efficient and excellent for young students looking to build their career skills and begin their prosperous future. Visit this link for more information: Careers and Employability service
3) Looking to spice up your education with an adventure? Well we have partnerships and connections with over 300 international institutions that can give you the opportunity to study abroad in Europe and expand your horizon.
4) We offer flexibility and variety in our course programs. You can tailor your course program in the way the best suits your interests and goals. We also offer you the chance to delay your final degree choice in some courses. Also, you will earn partial exemption from professional examination upon successful completion of your degree.
5) You will always sound and look better with another language in your skillset. Take a language course for free!
6) Studying at Cardiff University also encapsulates learning about and getting a taste of effective research skills as you will be exposed to some of the latest case studies and live research projects alongside international scholars in an effective learning environment.

We are planning to sustain our vision of making Cardiff University a center for academic excellence by embarking on an ambitious £50m plan to create a Centre for Student Life which is a hub for student support services and studying spaces.
StudyNet Group Services:
Studynet Group has years of experience in facilitating university applications and making it happen for prospective higher education students. Our organization can make the whole process easier by providing the below services and more:
• Guidance in program selection.
• Assistance in submitting application requirements.
• Assistance in booking your accommodation.
• Assistance in the issuance of your Visa.

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