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22 June 2020


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Dixie State University is happy to announce some great news for prospective students for the coming academic year and for the fall of 2020. DSU will offer its programs and courses through both online instruction and courses and also through physical attendance. DSU is located at the heart of St. George, Utah and is close to several scenic wonders and amenities enjoyable by students. DSU provides higher education with one of the lowest tuition fees in the country and the lowest tuition fees in all of Utah. Therefore, DSU’s focus is to allow students to gear their assets and tools towards advancing their careers and not worry so much about their financials.

St. George’s Attraction:
St. George is unique in its attractive national parks and recreational activities which boost students’ confidence, experience and extra-curricular skills. Visit St. George’s Zion National Park for extravagant hiking, biking or camping with friends, classmates or colleagues. If you are an outdoors person and you enjoy these fun activities with others, St. George is perfect for getting outside for a breath of rejuvenating fresh air. Want to go on an exciting hiking adventure? Venture forwards to Snow Canyon where the challenges are both didactic and engaging. How about riding ATVs in the sand and doing all kinds of creative tricks? Ride horses and feel the gallantry that you read about or watch in the movies? Relax in an amazing Spa treatment? All of which are readily available and more for you to enjoy whilst getting an economic higher education suited for your career.

DSU Tuition for International Student:
Worry not about the financials of your education at DSU for it easily contends with the financials of other state universities. Bear in mind that these numbers are estimates and can vary. Moreover, they include other expenses such as health insurance, housing, books and supplies and living expenses.

  • DSU’s tuition fees total up to $24,410 for non-ESL international students
  • DSU’ tuition fees total up to $11,340 for ESL international students Students applying for ESL admission must present further certifications and documents.

International Students Scholarships:
Students can attain a scholarship either through their first time entrance into DSU or by applying in their continuing academic years. Please see below the requirements for eligibility for both situations:

For First-Timers:

  • English proficiency scores: o Overall TOEFL score 68+ (Reading – 22+ & Writing 24+) o Overall IELTS score of 6.0+ (Reading 6.0+ & Writing 6.0 +) o ACT English score of 17+ o SAT Writing/Language score of 24+ o College Placement Test (CPT/Accuplacer) Sentence Skills scores of 76+
  • 3.0 GPA or equivalent OR ACT score of 26+ OR SAT score of 1240+ Scholarship recipients will be required to maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA each semester. Students are expected to submit their applications up until July 1st.

For Continuing Students:

  • Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours and have a minimum 3.2 GPA from Dixie State University or another regionally accredited before applying for the scholarship (excludes ESL credits).
  • Maintain a full-time enrollment status of 30 credits each academic year and a 3.2 cumulative GPA to keep scholarship (excludes ESL credits).
  • Sign a housing lease agreement with Housing Services. If space is not available, applicants will be granted a waiver.
  • Must be working toward an Associates’ or Bachelors’ degree
  • Must have a verification of eligibility signed by an International Student Services office representative
  • DSU’s ESL Program: The mission of our ESL program is to help international students with their English proficiency and enable them to better acquit themselves with the norms, standards and cultures of American universities. The ESL program includes 5 areas which are taught by some of the best experts who care for the students’ academic aptitude and achievement.

Reading: Geared towards enhancing the reading comprehension of students for English texts.
Listening: Students will learn how to take effective notes whilst listening and also work on their listening comprehension of the English language.
Writing: Students will be able to present and express their ideas coherently and effectively through writing assignments.
Speaking: In this area, students are trained on expressing their ideas in spoken English. Students will learn how to appropriately perform presentations, speeches and class discussions.

Awareness: This areas is geared towards ensuring that international students are in par with classroom policies and rules for classroom interaction as well as policies for plagiarism and cheating. Students will also gain an understanding of the technology used for academics.

Please visit the below link to get more information about our academic programs offered for undergraduate and graduate programs:

Academic Programs Website

If you are a new student please click here to create a new account and start your application:

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If you are a continuing student, your login credentials are not going to be your Dixie username and password, but they are your email and password used when applying for the first time before:

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Athletic Scholarships:
Great news for the more athletically inclined! DSU is soon expected to join Division 1 alongside some of the more competitive universities such as Stanford and UCLA. If you are seeking to build your hobby into a career or show off your excellence in sports to the world and against top competitors, DSU offers you a shot at that. DSU offers a range of sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Tennis and Gold for men. Women’s sports include all men’s sports plus Volleyball, Swimming, Track & Field and Softball.
Join us and engage with an extravagant sports community filled with gear, fans, competition and skilled performance. With our expansive sports program lies scholarships for performing international students. With our imminent inclusion in Division 1, we will have more opportunities to provide international student scholarships.

COVID-19 Reparations for International Students:
Being an international students and travelling across the world to seek higher education is a challenge all by itself and it can be overwhelming sometimes. Add to that this new unfortunate pandemic that has emerged and caused mass panic and economic suffering to the world. DSU is keen on ensuring its international students are not left alone or feel overwhelmed by catering for their needs. Many of our international students have testified for our positive and effective treatment of our international students. We offered free lunches during spring break, worked on assisting students with buying groceries and continuously maintained contact with our students through online emails so that they are updated on the latest advancements at DSU and all health-related issues.
DSU is committed towards ensuring the safety and continual education of all of its students, especially international students as they bare the terrible burden of being away from their family and friends. Our team and staff members have outdone themselves in sustaining this mission.

Innovation at DSU:
Feel free to explore your business opportunities at DSU with our excellent Atwood resource and innovation Plaza.
You will be able to:
• Manifest your ideas using 3D printers and a workspace supplied with technologically advanced tools
• Seek help and meet with business professionals to assist you in growing your business ideas
• Secure patents or trademarks for your business idea and much more
• Join the ACE Academy is you are interested in a STEM driven opportunity or if you are proficient in Engineering and Computer Engineering.

Please enjoy watching the below videos which also give you a visual overview of DSU and hopefully allows you to visualize your future academic pathway!

This is Dixie State University

Dixie State Fall 2020 semester

Dixie State University on the rise

Health and Human Performance Center

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StudyNet Group Services has years of experience in facilitating university applications and making it happen for prospective higher education students. Our organization can make the whole process easier by providing several free services for your convenience. Through our partnership with Dixie State University we would like to help you stay up to date with latest events and news. We are keen on helping you with your academic advancement and enlightenment. Please see below some of our free of charge primary services and contact us for more information:
• Guidance in program selection.
• Assistance in submitting application requirements.
• Assistance in booking your accommodation.
• Assistance in the issuance of your Visa.

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