Dukes Education Refreshing Vision

02 June 2020


Dukes Education Refreshing Vision


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Dukes Education in UK is looking to explore its higher education strategy with the re-opening of Dukes Colleges in the coming academic year.

Re-opening Strategy:
The strategy takes into consideration the core values, mission and vision of Dukes Education and Colleges. Our Dukes Online Principals’ meeting discussed the various outlooks and implementations in order to sustain the safety of our dear students and the excellence of our education.

Dukes Education Principles:
Gareth Collier (Cardiff Sixth Form College), Candida Cave (Fine Arts College), Alistair Brownlow (Rochester Independent College) and James Harding (Earlscliffe) were involved in setting forward plans to develop innovative solutions and sustain the core value of Dukes Education which is to share knowledge worldwide.
Click here to access the webinar and view more details about the online meeting.
Another discussion panel will be held on June 3rd by Dukes Education Principles to further put forward recent and impending developments. Furthermore, an online Q&A will be held with Dukes Education Principals in the upcoming weeks and will be announced on our website in advance.

StudyNet Group Services:
Studynet Group has years of experience in facilitating university applications and making it happen for prospective higher education students. Our organization can make the whole process easier by providing several free services for your convenience. Through our partnership with Dukes Education and related colleges we would like to help you stay up to date with latest events. Please see below some of our primary services and contact us for more information:
• Guidance in program selection.
• Assistance in submitting application requirements.
• Assistance in booking your accommodation.
• Assistance in the issuance of your Visa.

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