04 April 2020




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Apply for the Duolingo examination now and enjoy several benefits alongside proving your English proficiency!
What is the Duolingo Examination?
The Duolingo is an online English proficiency examination for international students applying for university programs abroad. All you need for the exam is a computer and a webcam as you will take it online. The exam includes a webcam interview and a writing section and it also uses adaptive technology in which the difficulty changes based on the test taker.
The examination period is under 1 hour. You will receive results within 48 hours of completion and be able to send your results to an unlimited number of institutions.
Why Do You Need to Take the Duolingo Examination?
The Duolingo exam is a cost-effective, convenient and accessible English proficiency exam. The exam only costs $49 as opposed to the usual prices over $200. Moreover, you would receive your results within only 48 hours and send them to an unlimited number of institutions. Also, this exam gives you the opportunity to express yourself through a webcam interview alongside your English proficiency.
We recommend you practice on your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills using the methods you feel confident in as there are no systematic methods to study for this exam.
How is the Examination Used?
Institutions may vary in terms of English proficiency requirements. We will provide you with relevant information for higher education institutions regarding their acceptance of the examination. Please click on the link below to see the list of universities which accept the Duolingo examination.
How Long Do the Results Remain Valid?
The Duolingo results are valid for two years.
How Often Can You Take the Examination?
You can complete up to two examinations and receive their results within a 30-day period beginning from the completion of your first examination. If you complete an examination and do not receive your results, this will not count against your limit.

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