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22 September 2020


Foxcroft School


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Foxcroft is an international boarding school for girls located in Northern Virginia which educates young girls between the grades of 9 and 12 and prepares them for their future higher education. Foxcroft includes around 175 students in its campus and provides 75 courses in 6 different disciplines as well as 16 Advanced Placement classes. Foxcroft was founded in 1914 by Charlotte Haxall Noland and encompasses a rich history of progressive education and empowerment. The school also includes athletic programs such as Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Riding as well as others. Foxcroft is a large educational institution that we invite to explore in more depth through visiting our website.

Our Values and Mission:
What we work for is primarily aimed at empowering and valuing diversity and the diversification of opportunities, capabilities and perspectives. We are strongly dedicated to allowing our students to freely express themselves and become what they aspire to be. Foxcroft’s fundamental values include diversity, integrity, respect and kindness. Consequently, we carry our humanitarian philosophy with us to apply it to our environment and our surrounding nature. Thus we plan to stay as green and environmentally-friendly as possible through ensuring the correspondence of our technological practices and implementations with environmental safety.

Virtual Open House:

Want to know more about Foxcroft and get in touch with our staff in order to get a better feel of the school? Well you are more than welcome to join out virtual open house which we will host on the following date:

10/12/2020 9:00 AM to 10/12/2020 12:00 PM

Feel free to register and join us in unfolding numerous topics pertaining to academics, athletics, campus, student life, programs, COVID-19 updates and much more!

Register here.

Foxcroft is amongst the best schools in the country encompassing 500 acres of land filled with diversity, opportunity and quality academics. Do not miss your chance of acquiring this amazing experience at Foxcroft and visit us to see for yourself!

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