Free education for creative students

22 July 2021


Free education for creative students


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Berlin School of Business and Innovation has announced the new scholarship opportunity for students who want to start their education in Hamburg, Germany.

The university that mainly focuses on enterprise, leadership and success aims to give their students the tools they need for professional success in their future career.

With a constant focus on its students, the university does not only provide high quality of education, they also provide extensive career support which they can rely on for guidance and advice. Courses are conducted by guest lecturers supported with practical workshops. In addition, the Career Service department helps their students and alumni to find suitable job options for their study period, as well as further time.

BSBI has announced new opportunity for students for free education by participating in the Portfolio Scholarship Competition. The award of the competition has been divided into three stages:

  • first place winner will gain 100% discount on tuition fee;
  • 10 students will be chosen for “second best portfolio” and will gain 50 % discount on tuition fee; and
  • finally 20 students will be chosen for “third best portfolio” and win 30% discount on tuition fee.

For participation in the competition students should complete an online application and submit their creative portfolio by 13th of August 2021. The competition winners will be announced on 20th August 2021.

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