Graduate Route Visa - UK

02 July 2021


Graduate Route Visa - UK


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To the attention of young people already studying and/or planning to study in the UK for future!
The government of the United Kingdom continues to create new opportunities for international students. Thus the applications for the new type of visa have been launched starting from the summer of 2021 and allows graduate students to stay and work in the UK for two years after graduation.

One of the concerns of students studying in the United Kingdom was the difficulty of extending the visa period after the end of their studies.

Graduate Route Visa, which is already valid from July 1, 2021, offers students graduating from the Country's higher education institutions the opportunity to stay and work in the UK without specifying a sponsor or source of income.

We recommend the students to make sure they meet several conditions in order to apply for a new type of visa.

It should be noted that during the proposed period, graduates can look for suitable job options and change jobs. The validity period of the proposed visa is 2 years for master degree students and three years for PhD students.

In order to exercise this right, applicants who start the classes in Fall 2020 must enter the UK by 27th September 2021. Students who will start in September or February 2021 are required to visit the country by 6th April, 2022.

The new type of visa aims to increase the number of international students in the UK providing the right to live and work in the country for those who can participate in social and economic life. Graduates from higher education institutions meeting the required standards will be able to easily obtain the necessary status to continue living, working and realizing their dreams in the UK.

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