New Scholarship Offerings

12 May 2020


New Scholarship Offerings


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Western Washington University would like to gladly announce the new scholarship offerings for undergraduate students. Students enrolled in the International Year Undergraduate Pathway are now eligible for the following scholarships:

Scholarship Discounts

  • 3 Quarters (equal to two semesters) - $7,890,
  • 2 Quarters - $5,260
  • 1 Quarter - $2,630

Students who complete the International Pathway will also be eligible for a renewable scholarship of $5,000 for the next educational periods.
For students who have direct admission and maintain a GPA of 3.0, they are eligible for a recurring scholarships based on their GPA:
GPA - Scholarship
3.0 - $2,000
3.25 - $4,000
3.5 - $6,000

Continued performance and surpassing of current scholarship level will automatically advance students to the next higher level of scholarships rewards for the next year. However, recurring scholarship rewards will be removed once a GPA of 3.0 is not maintained.
StudyNet Group Services:
Our organization would be glad to offer assistance is a range of academic fields pertaining to admission and application requirements. StudyNet Group’s partnership with Western Washington University grants students the opportunity to benefit from the services mentioned below without charge:

  • Visa and accommodation
  • University placement
  • Degree consultation
  • Preparation and submission of official documents
  • Educational training in different academic areas such as Mathematics, Physics and Business.

Our Offices

Headquarter Office:

STUDYNET GROUP SP Z O O Adres: Stawowa 6/25, 50-018, Wrocław, PolskaTel: 0048533951953REGON: 021729176 NIP: 8971778321 KRS: 000039820E: [email protected]

  • Switzerland Representative Office:

    StudyNet Groupc/o SSHE:Grand Rue 921820 MontreuxSwitzerland Ph: +41 79 717 94 94

  • Spain Representative Office:

    StudyNet Groupc/o BBSPlaza Porta de la Mar, 6Tercer Piso, 46004 Valencia, SpainPh: + 34 602 497 610

  • Ukraine Office:

    StudyNet Groupc/o WEG StudentsZolotoustivska St, 2/4, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000Ph: +380737373333

  • London Office:

    StudyNet Groupc/o Travel Britannia307 Linen Hal 162-168 Regent Street London W1B 5TE United Kingdom Ph: +44 207 193 12 71

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