News from Kaplan International Year One

21 August 2021


News from Kaplan International Year One


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Kaplan has announced news in International Year One that every student will be pleased!

Founded in 2005, Kaplan gives opportunities to every individual to achieve their goals. From high school students to businesses Kaplan offers a wide range of programs such as SAT preps, expert exam preparation for professional licensure and certification as well as corporate training, leadership and professional development and educational consultation services.

With the strength of Kaplan’s partnerships with universities in locations such as the U.S, Australia and UK comes amazing opportunities for higher education.

Furthermore, during the pathway course students can now gain professional experience with International Year One (IYO) Internship. The mentioned program was previously available as a 3-term programme including the opportunity for students to gain professional experience with an integrated online internship. Now Kaplan offers 3.5 and 4-term versions for this great new opportunity!


  • It is an integrated 3-, 3.5- or 4-term course, undertaken in the UK.
  • IYO combines 2 terms of academic study, 1 term online internship.
  • It gives the chance to undertake a work placement even before starting a degree.
  • Wide range of subject choice.
  • Work experience between 15-30 hours per week.

It should be noted that IYO with Internship is also a great impact for students English and their CV, boosting future career prospects. Students can gain internships in 18 different career fields such as human resources, finance, digital marketing, computer science, engineering, etc in one of 3.500+ host companies in various countries.

Our strong partnership with Kaplan allows us to considerably assist students in their admission process to various programs and higher education opportunities. We are welcome to help students wishing to gain this experience and impact to their future. We will be glad to guide through the application process and help achieve the education they seek. Please do not hesitate to contact us and enjoy our services.

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