Pathway courses with internship now available at York

23 April 2022


Pathway courses with internship now available at York


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We know that when students study abroad, they’re looking for a successful future and career. 

That’s why Kaplan's UK pathway courses offer opportunities for students to gain important career skills even before their degree. We’re pleased to share with you some exciting developments and resources in this area.

Internships at York

Foundation and Pre-Master's courses at the University of York International Pathway College now have the option of an integrated online internship, so students can boost their CV with real-world experience.

The first intake is September 2022, with the internship taken in Summer 2023. We’ll be contacting qualifying offer holders soon, but you can check out these resources now.

Kaplan Career Services university-taught pathway courses in Birmingham, Bristol and York offer career preparation as part of and alongside the curriculum.

During your time at the International Pathway College, you’ll have many opportunities to gain practical skills and experience that will help you prepare for a successful future. You can call us to learn more about each of them.

We hope you're excited by these new developments. For any queries, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us.

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