Pathway to Medical studies with OnCampus

11 June 2021


Pathway to Medical studies with OnCampus


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Studying medicine has been prestigious and challenging for the students of all ages. Meanwhile it guarantees a well-paid and rewarding career. Medical degree programs offered in the well-developed countries like the UK, European Countries, USA and Canada own the highest reputation ensuring the top quality of education taught by experienced and qualified tutors and lectures. However most of these degree programs offered by high ranking universities require strong academic background.

OnCampus Global Education provider offers pathway programs to international students on Health and Life Sciences where you can get academic support from qualified experts on osteopathy and nutrition, to occupational, sports, arts and physical therapies; and other related subjects. Participating in the pathway programs opens doors to medical degree programs offered by the UK universities. However you can also make progression to degree programs offered by universities in other countries as the OnCampus pathway certificate has been acknowledged internationally.

This is also a good opportunity to improve your English language skills by interacting with international students who study medicine.

Every year 6,000 medical students graduate from universities in the UK. However now in order to meet rising healthcare demands 25% more medical students are required.

If you also dream about studying medicine and get internationally acknowledged qualification OnCampus can assist you to meet the required criteria. After completing the course you will be fully eligible to study further and achieve your degree qualification in medical sciences that will be followed by prospective career in the global job market.

StudyNet Group has been cooperating with OnCampus education provider for many years assisting with local and international students participating in pathway programs and making successful progression into degree programs.

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