Plan your summer today!

23 December 2020


Plan your summer today!


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Dear high school students...
As we have arrived in the middle of academic year it seems we can start making plans for our summer holidays. Last year was not so lucky in terms of summer programs. However schools are more optimistically looking forward to the 2021 year for organizing a rewarding as well as safe and secure summer for high school students with options to join the programs remotely or in person by commuting to campus. Boston University was an early bird to announce summer plans.
University is planning five pre-college programs which will train the high school student strong sense of personal and academic.

High School Honors is a six week program for the junior or senior students of high school year in fall 2021. Participating in this program student will take Boston University undergraduate courses and earn up to 8 transferable college credits.

RISE Internship/Practicum is a six week program for senior students of fall 2021. Program participants will have a chance to conduct scientific research in a university lab under the guidance of faculty mentor. This program does not provide academic credit.

Academic Immersion is a three week and non-credit program which will focus on single topics which are given below: Introduction to Experimental Psychology; Introduction into Medicine; Global studies-Security, Statecraft and Spycraft; and Creative Writing. Participant students who are going to enter senior year of high school in fall 2021 will be involved in classroom activities in the subject area.

Summer Challenge will cover two weeks of non-credit classes/seminars chosen by the students and full experience of college life. This program is for sophomore, junior and senior year of high school in fall 2021.

Summer preview – one week and non-credit program also mostly focused on one subject of interest. This program is designed for eighth grade students as well as early high school students of fall 2021 year.

Boston University is one of the high ranked universities in USA with over 34, 000 students from more than 130 countries. Students are offered 300 programs of study by 10,000 faculty of the University in three campuses.

StudyNet Group is not only offering services for degree program students. Company also providing full support to high school students who wants to get internationally recognized high school diploma, IB diploma, A Level, as well as every year company organizes accompanied group of high school students visit the summer schools in European countries and in the USA.

Please feel free get in touch with us in order to get more comprehensive information from our sophisticated education counselors about study degree abroad programs as well as summer programs.

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