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02 May 2020


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Sabanci University is offering prospective undergraduate students to apply for a Scholarship with admission based on academic merit. Due to the limited number of Scholarships not all students will receive one. Once students apply for admission they will be automatically considered for a Scholarship program and thus the selection process will be based on grades, academic background, reference letters and so on as well as any awards or prizes for academic competitions.
Please note that you should not forget submitting any documents that would prove your academic performance.
Sabanci University Background:
Sabanci University was founded in 1994 with the mission of enhancing the innovative thinking of students and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle contemporary issues in a range of fields. The University was established through the initiation of 50 academics from around 22 countries which eventually resulted in the creation of an internationally recognized higher education institution and one of the best in Turkey. Sabanci University is devoted to being an exemplary educational institution through the advancement of research and faculty performance.
StudyNet Group:
StudyNet Group’s solidified partnership with Sabanci University has been a foundation for an excellent educational experience for numerous international students. Our student guidance remains to be one of the best and we would like to offer our assistance in a range of areas during the higher education process:
• Visa and accommodation
• University placement
• Degree consultation
• Preparation and submission of official documents
• Educational training in different academic areas such as Mathematics, Physics and Business.
Please not that these services, alongside others, are free of charge.

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