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10 December 2020


Study in the US


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As in many other markets United States of America is the biggest market of education as well offering variety of options for students, scholars, educational institutions and many more. One can find 4,700 colleges, universities specialty schools with wide range of choices to majors and minors. Schools in America are also popular and very special for offering plenty of extracurricular activities alongside with academic programs and this serves the students’ improving networking and building leadership skills.

Because of huge variety of options sometimes students can easily transfer from one school to another and they contain 40% portion.

There are several reasons to choose US as a study destination

Number of study programs. US institutions offer plenty of study options non-comparable to any other countries.
Quality of education. Students graduating from US schools are always highly qualified and great potential of employees for the companies.
Free transfer. Student can easily make transfer from one school to another during their first 2 years of study.
Multicultural ethnicity. Studying in the US has always been a preferred option for students from any corner of the world.
Comprehensive assistance for international students. Expat students can get full support from the university including housing, academics.
Global Diploma recognition. Degree gained from US institution always has prestigious reputation in a global scale.
Career prospective. In most of the study programs students are offered internship opportunities which provide them gaining work experience and build up business relations.
Language experience. Studying in the US is also a unique chance for practicing English language skills.
Travel opportunities. It is very easy and inexpensive to fly within the borders of US which is priceless point for the international students.
Colorful American culture. Want to live the life that you have always seen on TVs in real? Here is the chance for you. America is promising high quality of education and life.

StudyNet Group Company has been running successful partnership relations with plenty of colleges, high schools, universities, other educational institutions of United States of America throughout ten years of its existence and assisted students full support with admission proccess, obtaining visa, finding scholarship programs and arranging accommadations.

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