StudyNet Group enters into a new partnership with a US School

02 April 2022


StudyNet Group enters into a new partnership with a US School


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We are delighted to announce that StudyNet Group is now partnering with the NMH School in the United States.

In Northfield Mount Hermon School it starts in small classes with dedicated teachers.
Here students expand their intellectual limits in ways they never imagined. They’ll discover that traditional borders begin to break down — between art and science, for example; between social justice and sustainability; between the campus and the global community.

By the time they graduate, they'll probably be prepared for college and primed to make a meaningful difference in the world.

The entire NMH experience is designed to help you discover and explore your interests, live up to your potential, and keep a healthy, down-to-earth balance. Every NMH student is surrounded by a network of compassionate adult mentors: advisors, teachers, coaches, and residential staff.

Student involvement on campus goes way beyond meeting. They also have access to a wealth of co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities. Extracurriculars are optional and include lots of clubs and organizations, most of which are created and run by students.

StudyNet Group is always proud to attend new and strong collaborations with educational institutions that offer higher education systems.

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