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22 August 2020


The National Mathematics and Science College


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The National Mathematics and Science College is preparing students for successful entry to – and success at – the world’s leading universities. The college is providing world-class education in the STEM subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, for students aged 15-19, looking to gain entry to the world’s leading universities.

Our fruitful and forward-looking organization of higher education would like to inform you of our achievements and highlight the competence of our students during times of struggle.
The outstanding performance of our A level students during 2020 shows just how much we are willing to grow regardless of our external hindrances.


  • 66% of students achieved A* or A grades
  • Around four fifths achieved a grade between A and B
  • Two students were offered places at Cambridge in Natural Sciences and Engineering

We are proud of the performance of our students and we continue to seek the quality of their education by addressing their concerns. Some students feel that they have been misjudged through our statistical moderation process in the calculation of grades, however we are working towards minimizing this shortcoming and lifting students’ appeals for further processing and investigation.

New Head of the School:
Moreover, we would like to gladly announce the inauguration of our new school principal Dr. Andrew Kemp.
Dr. Kemp acquires a degree in Mathematics and a Doctorate in Education from Warwick University.
Also, Dr. Kemp was the head of the renowned Senior School at the Stephen Perse Foundation in
Cambridge and the globally renowned Wells Cathedral School.

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