Vaccination at OnCampus Boston

26 June 2021


Vaccination at OnCampus Boston


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OnCampus Boston is planning to greet the students in the campus for Fall 2021. There are several reasons for students to choose studying at Oncampus Boston top three reasons of which are – student can progress to the six high ranking universities of the country; you have the opportunity to experience the student life in number#1 college town of the US and last but not least is the scholarship programs offered to the local and international students.

OnCampus Boston college staff and current students have been 100% vaccinated. International students can easily be vaccinated upon their arrival in the US. It is free and the student only needs to get appointment for vaccination in the community centers, walk-in clinics and pharmacies like Walgreen’s and CVS.

In Boston 50% of the population are fully vaccinated, while 70% of the population has received the first dosage. In Massachusetts 54% of the population are fully vaccinated.

Curry College will require the proof of vaccination from each student. OnCampus will support you to get you vaccine once you arrive in the country. Before the flight you need to submit the negative PCR test results. OnCampus highly recommends that the students arrive in Boston in 12th-20th August in order to have enough time to complete the vaccination until 30th August that the classes will start.

After vaccination you will not need to stay in quarantine.

OnCampus is working hard to maintain the students safely arrival and settling in the campus.

Please note that applications are still open for OnCampus international preparation courses that provide support to your successful progress into the high ranked universities in Europe, in the UK and in the USA.

For full assistance with admission process, student visa and accommodation options please feel free to get in touch with StudyNet Group Company education advisors who are running long term of cooperation with OnCampus programs and are already mastered the student recruitment process.

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