Virtual Learning Programs for Summer and Autumn 2020

11 May 2020


Virtual Learning Programs for Summer and Autumn 2020


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DePaul University would like to happily announce the availability of new virtual learning programs for both undergraduate and graduate students for the quarters of Summer and Autumn 2020.

Delivering Quality Virtual Education:

  • DePaul’s experience in providing students with excellent virtual learning extends to more than 15 years.
  • DePaul’s faculty and staff are highly experienced in delivering virtual education. We are prepared to guide you towards success in this environment.
  • GGP students will earn the same credits as if they were studying on campus.
  • Enrolling in the virtual learning program will enable students to receive the same superb professional academic assistance as they would on campus.

The Director of the Global Gateway Program, Dr. Gretchen Frickx, explains through this video message: Watch a video message

Information About the Virtual Learning Program:
Click on the following link below to see the frequently asked questions pertaining to the virtual learning program and our addition of new training materials:
Click here

Also, below are links for short videos which each explain the features of Desire2Learn (D2L), the online learning platform used by students at DePaul:

Student’s Perspective:
We also provide you with the feedback and perspective of two of our Master’s level GGP students at DePaul:

Click here to view all materials together with the assets of the virtual program at DePaul University.

StudyNet Group Services:
DePaul University is an exclusive partner of StudyNet Group here in Azerbaijan. The collaboration between StudyNet Group and DePaul University helps prospective and current students facilitate their higher education processes pertaining to different fields:

  • Visa and accommodation
  • University placement
  • Degree consultation
  • Preparation and submission of official documents
  • Educational training in different academic areas such as Mathematics, Physics and Business.

Contact us to benefit from these services free of charge.


Our Offices

Headquarter Office:

STUDYNET GROUP SP Z O O Adres: Stawowa 6/25, 50-018, Wrocław, PolskaTel: 0048533951953REGON: 021729176 NIP: 8971778321 KRS: 000039820E: [email protected]

  • Switzerland Representative Office:

    StudyNet Groupc/o SSHE:Grand Rue 921820 MontreuxSwitzerland Ph: +41 79 717 94 94

  • Spain Representative Office:

    StudyNet Groupc/o BBSPlaza Porta de la Mar, 6Tercer Piso, 46004 Valencia, SpainPh: + 34 602 497 610

  • Ukraine Office:

    StudyNet Groupc/o WEG StudentsZolotoustivska St, 2/4, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000Ph: +380737373333

  • London Office:

    StudyNet Groupc/o Travel Britannia307 Linen Hal 162-168 Regent Street London W1B 5TE United Kingdom Ph: +44 207 193 12 71

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