What Students will Study at ONCAMPUS Paris

31 July 2022


What Students will Study at ONCAMPUS Paris


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Students who want to study at ONCAMPUS Paris will need to successfully pass an Academic Interview with Campus France as part of the visa process. To help students prepare we've produced an informative guide, including questions students might be asked during the interview.

ONCAMPUS Paris offers two routes to a degree at KEDGE Business School for students who don’t qualify for direct entry.

The program is designed to prepare international students, who have completed senior secondary education, for entry to undergraduate studies at KEDGE Business School. Also, the Undergraduate Foundation Program is set at level 3, which is equivalent to the A-level standard in the UK.

The home of ONCAMPUS Paris, KEDGE Business School, is located in the exceptional Lumiere Building, one of Paris's largest business ecosystems. In a modern and innovative space that spans 135,000 square metres, students have access to 33 classrooms, 12 brain bubbles and one amphitheatre.

You can find out more about our partner offers and choose the best option for you. StudyNet Group will help you in all the processes. Feel free to contact us.

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